XCrypt is here!

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone! We are here with our very first coding event, XCrypt. Check out this page or click the XCrypt button above for details.


Let the coding begin. .

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

The first meeting of the CodeCzars community has been a success. Its was nice to see really interested people coming to participate in the event. Now to let the system of things to roll out, in this post I’d like to list out the resources you’re gonna need to give yourself a headstart.

If you’ve got a computer with you, I’d rather you download these e-books and start studying one of these during the vacations:

1. C++ : The Complete Reference – By Herbert Schildt

2. ANSI C – E Balagurusamy

3. JAVA 2 : The Complete Reference – By Herbert Schildt

4. The C Programming Language – By Kernaugh and Ritchie

I’ll try to upload these e-books on this website itself. Otherwise you can try Googling the PDFs or take them from me – I’ll be right here all the vacations.

IDEs you can use:

1. Dev-C++ (Please get rid of TurboC++ ASAP!)

2. JCreator

As soon as you get these stuff, you’ll be ready to start coding and change the world. So, all the best everyone! We’ll be posting some tutorials to make you familiar with the basics of coding and problem-solving related to our events. Keep checking the website for any updates. And yes, welcome to the CodeCzars family. đŸ™‚

Stay Hungry. Stay foolish.

We’re already rolling!

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah, it is indeed a good news. One of the teams of CodeCzars, named codeKNIGHTS, have qualified the first round of the prestigious ACM-ICPC 2011 contest. The team consists of three CodeCzars members – Naman, Lokesh, and Rahul. The team will now participate in the all-Asia level held in Ampritapuri University, Coimbatore in November, 2011.

There’s another superb news. We’ll be holding a coding event for the 1st year members on November 12, 2011. This would be our very first grand event – a coding event which is different from the leak. And the best part – the winners will get exciting goodies from CodeChef!

Plus, we will be holding an induction programme for all the members on Thursday, October 20, 2011, 5 PM in Room Number 212. All members are required to come, and anyone interested is welcome. We will be holding a membership stint, so that those who are not the members yet can get themselves enrolled.

Please contact us in case of any queries. Happy Coding!

Hello there!

NIT Jamshedpur CodeCzars is the official CodeChef campus chapter of National Institute of Technology, Jamshepur. For a brief introduction, we’re trying to make a pure coding community within the college, under the brand CodeChef, to bring out and develop the coder within us through a healthy exchange of ideas. We are promoted by CodeChef, which is a child organisation of Directi Corporation, and provides a platform for coders around the world for online coding competitions. Please check out the CodeChef website for more details.

This team is all about he coding community of NIT, Jamshedpur. Anyone who loves coding, regardless of her/his stream of study, is welcome. There is no entry or registration fees whatsoever. If you wish to join us in our endeavor and be a part of CodeCzars, please follow these absolutely simple steps :

1. Register yourself with the CodeChef website. Click here.

2. Fill up the CodeCzars registration form.

That would be enough for now! Keep checking this blog for any news. For any further details, feel free to contact us at codeczars@gmail.com. Contact info of the founding members are on the About Us page. Happy coding!